What is MARA? MARA’s Role in Australian Migration

Even if you are eligible for an Australian migration visa, there are many pitfalls that can cause failure of your application. The process is complicated, requiring the services of a good migration agent to Australia. During this choosing process, you will come across ‘MARA’ let’s look at how important this body is to Australian migration.

What is MARA?
The Migration Agents Registration Authority or MARA is part of the Department of Immigration and Border Patrol and the proper name is really, OMARA – The Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority. Check out their official website for more details. https://www.mara.gov.au/

Key Functions and Objectives of MARA
MARA’s job is to regulate Australian Migration Agents and oversee any agencies offering Australian immigration services; as such dealing with an Australian registered migration agent is very important.

Here are MARA’s main objectives as listed on their website

● Clients needing migration service understand their rights
● Registered agents understand their responsibilities
● Registration of only suitable bodies as agents and refusing registration to others not conforming to standards
● Ensure agents are up-to-date on visa regulations with proper knowledge and skills to offer accurate advice to clients
● Monitoring agents for integrity, conduct and service quality
● Clients of registered or formerly registered agents have a proper platform to complain
● Handling of complaints effectively

Why is MARA Important to you when choosing an Australia Migration Agent?
MARA is your most important link in the migration process as it ensures the registered agent handling your application is acting responsibly. Any agent signing up with MARA has to follow a Code of Conduct.

What is the MARA “Code of Conduct”?
MARA registered Australian migration agents are given a Code of Conduct, set out in legislation to control the conduct of agents. Their obligations towards clients are clearly marked ensuring a fair and honest practice. Do check out the Code of Conduct and practise guides as outlaid on the MARA website.

Obligations of a Migration Agent under the MARA Code of Conduct
Some key obligations listed in the Code of Conduct are as follows;
● Interactions with clients
● Proper fees, charges and record keeping
● Required to respond to any complaints made against them via MARA

Remember choosing an experienced and professional agent will ensure success in your migration process!

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