At Sure Migration, we have been assisting people to fulfil their dream of living in Australia for over eight years and have successfully processed hundreds of visas. (Read our client testimonials) Our principal Migration Agent, Victoria O’Neill is a Registered Migration Agent (0640237) and a member of the Migration Institute of Australia (2748).

“Australia has complex migration laws with over 100 different types of visas, all with their own particular set of requirements. As a Registered Migration Agent, you can be confident that I have the skills and knowledge to ensure your visa is submitted accurately and reflects your personal circumstances. I will work with you throughout the whole process from your first enquiry until your visa is approved.” (Victoria O’Neill)

Who is Sure Migration?

Lead Registered Migration Agent Victoria O’Neill was born in Sydney. Victoria moved at the age of 3 and  spent her childhood in the UK and Singapore. She finished her schooling in the UK and spent the next few years working, before deciding to move back to Australia.

How do your clients find you?

90% of my clients are from Word of mouth recommendations, however there are lots of clients out there who are online trying to find which RMA they should appoint. If a client has been recommended to Sure Migration  they are happy that they know someone who has been granted a visa. When a client finds you online they will ask any of the following questions before they make the decision to appoint you as their agent.

How did you become a Registered Migration Agent?

After moving back to Australia and starting a family, I started working for a migration agents a few hours per week. To become a Registered agent you had to pass the online course at this time, and in 2005 they decided they were going to change the assessment process. I did the online course and in 2006 I was able to register as an Registered Migration Agent.

I worked for a company based in West Perth for a year, and then moved to True Blue Migration where I worked for a further couple of years. In 2008 I  decided to set up my own agency, and started working for myself under the name Sure Migration.

What do you like about being an RMA?

Deciding to emigrate is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life.  When you have made the decision to move, you want to know that your application will be in safe hands. Being an RMA is hard work as you are dealing with peoples lives, but when a visa is approved, there is nothing better than making that phone call that says  ‘your visa has been granted!’ I also love keeping in touch with my clients and seeing how their new life is turning out.

Who are your customers?

My clients range from working holiday visa holders,  through to  families, partner visa and parent visa. These clients  love the Aussie life and  have decided they want to make Australia their home.  Most of the working holiday visa applicants are already onshore and have fallen in love with oz. For the most part the families who are looking to move, are looking for a better life  and there are also the parents who want to make the move to be nearer their children who have  already migrated. Partner visas are also high on the list of my clients, as people fall in love and want to be together but need a visa to do so.

Are you available for appointments after hours?

Being a working mum, I find that I am working round the clock to fit in working life and childrens activities. Having clients that are already in Australia and those that are back in their home country,  I am constantly checking emails to reply to clients as soon as I can. Clients who are in Australia and want to make appointments are often working, so I am happy to schedule an appointment in the evening or on weekends if that suits the client better.

Being based in Perth, are your clients Perth based?

My clients are based all over Australia and around the world.  With the internet and technology now, you can be in touch and on hand to talk to people at a moments notice, so it isn’t always necessary to be in the same country as the applicant. Most applications are done online, which makes life much easier when clients are overseas.

Do you specialise in particular visas?

Over the years the majority of visas I have handled are Partner visas,  Parent Visas, Employer Sponsored Visas – both permanent and temporary, and General Skilled Visas. Not every enquiry leads to a new client. In order to be eligible to apply for a visa, there are a number of criteria that clients have to meet. Sure Migration will look at all the options that are  available to the applicant, and will advise the client on the best path to Australian Migration.

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