How Does the Australian Immigration Point System Work?

Thinking of Australia as your new home, a fabulous nation for skilled migrants to settle down and play your cards right and you could enjoy lucrative jobs and a great lifestyle. Assessing your potential and knowing about Australian immigration visa types is crucial; as this article explains one of the first steps in the process of emigrating to Australia. Here we explain the basics of the Australian Immigration Points system and how it works.

The Australian Immigration Points System Explained
If you are looking at a skilled working visa, entitling you to live and work in Australia, benefiting from educational and medical facilities with the probability of obtaining citizenship, you must qualify under at least one category in the ‘occupation on demand list’ and earn at least 65 points on the Emigrate to Australia Points System. The Australia Visa Points System explained by a registered Australian migration agent will help you better understand your potential. Link

Emigrate to Australia via Primary Skilled Occupation List
The Occupation List One or the Medium Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) will help assess if you are in the forefront of the skilled occupation list. Link Link

Submitting your Skilled Visa Application
When applying for a skilled visa as a family or couple, you must make only one application. This primary application must be submitted by the most qualified member, able to score the highest points within the primary in demand occupation list, with a minimum score of 65 points. This individual is the lead applicant. If you are thus eligible according to the occupation list or MLTSSL do so under visa subclass 189 or 190.

Short Term Strategic Skills List (STSSL)
Called the Short Term Strategic Skills List (STSSL) this is secondary to MLTSSL. People qualifying under MLTSSL automatically qualify for STSSL too and can apply under visa subclass 189 or 190. But if you fall under STSSL only, and still earn a minimum 65 points, you can apply for permanent residency under visa subclass 190.

Factors that Help Points Score
While a number of factors contribute to the score age is prominent. 45 years is the maximum for eligibility.
● Age 18-24 = 25 points
● Age 25-32 = 30 points
● Age 33-39 = 25 points
● Age 40-44= 15 points

English proficiency
• English to a superior level – assessed by completing one of the accepted tests – 20 points
• English to a proficient level – 10 points

Work Experience – Completed in Australia
• One year – 5 points
• Three years – 10 points
• Five years – 15 points

Work Experience – Completed Overseas
• 3 years – 5 points
• 5 years – 10 points
• 8 years – 15 points

• Degree qualification – 15 points
• Diploma / Trade qualification – 10 points

What if you only score 55 Points
If you only score 55 points you still stand a chance of securing an Australian visa under visa subclass 489, giving you a bonus of 10 points. It’s a temporary visa evaluated after 2 years. Get the help of a skilled Australian migration agent to look at all options, for a successful move to Australian.

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